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Myths or Facts About Insurance

Protect yourself is one thing that should be owned by everyone, not only protects you from the dangers that will befall physical or assets, such protection insurance can also protect you from financial losses were too great.

Not only protection, many insurance products that offer protection and investment program, which means that in accordance with the agreed time period at the beginning of the agreement, the insured person is entitled to get some money from the accumulation of premiums paid to the insurer.

Even so, there are still many people who are reluctant to buy insurance because of a wrong understanding on how insurance works. No wonder these myths make some people lose a good opportunity.

Before deciding to not buy insurance because of the myth, you should straighten out your assumptions about insurance. Here is one of the myths about insurance as quoted

1. Insurance = Plumbers deceit

Many people assume that the insurance company that aims to manipulate and deceive our money. This assumption often arise from a sense of disappointment and trauma customers to a particular insurance company. As a result, there arises a generalization that all insurance companies are the same.

In fact, all the insurance companies do not intend and aim to deceive their customers. However, there comes a time in which some representative agents who play around and violate grip set by the insurance company.

For example, when someone wanted to open an insurance policy, sometimes representative agent does not provide a detailed and thorough explanation of the terms and conditions prevailing in the process of opening an insurance policy and lead to miscommunication between customers and insurance agents.

Miscommunication is what ultimately trigger negative stereotypes regarding insurance companies. According to Deny Kosasih, a Regional Agency Manager at an insurance company, in cases of corruption committed by some rogue agent's representative be prevented with strict selection for those who want to be an agent of an insurance company representative.

With the selection of high-quality, personalized berkapabilitas then only you can be the representative agent so gradually, the negative image of the insurance company can be improved.

2. Healthy thus do not require insurance

Not a few people have the notion that having insurance is the need of people who are sick. And if you have been suffering from a particular disease, you have to pay premiums more expensive than when he was healthy.

Even some insurance companies are reluctant to bear the disease that has been suffered by the customer if the disease had been there before he joined the insurance.

What's more, you will not know when illness or accident will attack you. Therefore, you should protect yourself before the disaster occurred.

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